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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Prewards?
Prewards are digital incentives (like coupons) linked to your Prewards enrolled card. Prewards retailers provide these digital incentives to redeem at their restaurants or stores.
Who runs the Prewards program?
In conjunction with your financial institution, the Prewards program is powered by edo, a pioneer in digital incentives.
How do I register to receive Prewards?
Simply enroll using the Prewards sign up process from the homepage or register link at the top of any page. Submit your email address, check for an email from us, answer a few questions, and you will be ready to start saving!
How many times can I redeem an offer?
An offer is available one time.
How do I know what Prewards are available to me?
When a new Preward offer is available, you can find out in two different ways:
  1. Login and visit the "Available Prewards" page
  2. You will receive weekly emails detailing new Prewards offers
How do I redeem a Preward?
To redeem a Preward, simply pay with your enrolled card and meet the terms outlined within the Prewards offer.
How do I know when a Prewards offer has been redeemed successfully?
You can find your redeemed Prewards offers in two different ways:
  1. Log in and visit the "Redeemed Prewards" page
  2. You will receive an email detailing the Prewards offer redemption directly from the program
How long will it take to receive my savings?
Your savings should be posted to your account within 1-3 days
Why don't I see my Prewards information on my paper receipt?
Prewards is tied to your financial institution's transaction system and not the retailer's point of sale system, so there will not be a confirmation about your Prewards redemption on your receipt. Instead, you will receive a notification from the Prewards program confirming your redemption.
What if my Preward did not work?
If your purchase met all qualifying criteria (minimum purchase amount, valid within the specified dates, correct store location, and correct card) visit the "Contact Us" page within Prewards to report a missed redemption.
How do I receive my Prewards credit?
Prewards offer savings will be credited directly to your Prewards enrolled card account.
Can I see all of my past Preward redemptions?
Under the "Redeemed Prewards" page, you will be able to see a full history of your redemptions.
How do I change my account information (e.g., account password, email address, etc.)?
Please log in to the Prewards website and go to "Account Management" under the "Settings" tab.
Why did my friend receive an offer and I did not?
Preward offers are matched to your own personal shopping habits. Your purchase history may vary from your friends or family.
What if my card is lost or stolen?
If your card is lost or stolen, immediately contact your financial institution and a replacement card will be mailed to you. Your Prewards account can be updated as soon as 72 hours after your replacement card has been activated for use.
How do I opt–out of the program?
Submit a request to opt–out from the "Contact Us" page.
What is the Prewards program Privacy Policy?
Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.
Will I start receiving unsolicited emails if I join the Prewards program?
No, we will only contact you based on the communication preferences you specify in your notification settings.