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Prewards is a program that links offers from merchants directly to your Fifth Third Debit Card, rewarding you with cash back to your account. You earn cash back to your card simply by using your card at participating Prewards merchants. Cash back is earned from qualifying signature and PIN transactions. Simply create your account to sign up for notifications, view the participating merchants and once you make a purchase at those locations, check back in for the amount of cash back you have earned with Prewards.
There is no cost to enroll in the Prewards program and it's FREE to start saving with Prewards.
You are automatically enrolled in Prewards, but to receive future offer emails, you must register your account. Registering is free and easy. Simply have the card number from your Fifth Third Debit Card ready, visit and select Create an Account.
Customer service is available 24/7/365 – simply contact customer service at 888.211.3843.

Cash Back

All Prewards merchants offer a cash back percentage on your qualifying purchase. To determine qualifying purchases and the specific cash back awarded, please review the offer details for each participating merchant on the Prewards website by searching within the “View Offers” area of the site. Some merchants may offer additional rewards for traveling out of your way, visiting at one of their slower times or making several purchases. You will earn cash back for all offers you are eligible for, up to the maximum percentage set by a merchant.
No--the more you shop, the more you can earn! Please refer to the retailer offer page for complete information regarding eligible purchases for each retailer.
You earn cash back based on the dollars you spend at participating merchants using your Fifth Third Debit Card. Cash back is earned from qualifying signature and PIN transactions. Each merchant may have a different offer, so please check back frequently for updated information.
You will receive your cash back to your account typically within 7-14 days after the qualified transaction has been processed and a statement credit will be automatically issued to your Fifth Third Debit Card.
You can view your rewards earned on the My Savings page.
If any part of a qualifying transaction is returned to the retailer or is not completed, your cash back for that transaction may be reduced or removed from your Prewards debit card account. Please check each retailer's policy for returns.
Visit, sign in to your Prewards account and select the My Savings page to view all of the Prewards offers you have earned.


You can browse the Prewards merchants by logging on to the website and selecting the View Offers link.
You do not have to tell the merchant. The merchant's system will automatically recognize that your debit card is enrolled when you swipe and sign to make your purchase. There are no hoops to jump through to get your cash back rewards, simply use your card at participating merchants.
The Prewards available merchants and offers may change at any time, however new retailers are continuously added so be sure to visit to view all participating retailers and merchants.